Aquatic Remedies | Phyto Carb | 250ml

Aquatic Remedies | Phyto Carb | 250ml


  • It increases the efficiency of iron assimilation by plants & can be used for reducing algae.
  • It is ideal for situations when continuing to add CO2 could result in dangerously low pH levels.
  • It is a source of bio available organic carbon.
  • Use in with combination with Plant Food + Plant Health Formula and K++ for best result and optimum plant growth.
  • It is helpful in improving aquatic plant photosynthesis activity.

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It is used directly in the Live planted tank. Quick result and effective, soon after using this algae controller, the algae growth will come out as debris. If you tank is full of algae, you can reduce the water level in your tank first and use this algae controller by way of spray by needle, or spray kit (water sprayer kit which we use in our garden).

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