WA | Dwarf Nutrition | 500ml/220gm

WA | Dwarf Nutrition | 500ml/220gm


  • Special diet for dwarf.
  • Tanganyika, South-american cichlids, and for all type fish.
  • Addition of plant fibre for easy digestion.
  • Added with inositol to prevent stomach Bloating.

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Specially designed for all type of dwarf cichlids, including ramirezi, tanganyikan cichlids, angel fish,, small discus, flowerhorn fry, and all type of young growing fish. 4X natural color enhancer added, than the regular feeds Sinking pellets added with inositol prevents stomach bloating in dwarf cichlids. 0.8 MM SINKING PELLETS With natural fishy aroma the feed attract fish to eat also added aminoacids and PUFA from fish oil boosts immunity. WA FISH FEED FACTORY will continuously evolve new products for the fish keeping in line with 100% MADE IN INDIA products.

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