Aquatic Remedies | Microlife S2 | 100ml

Aquatic Remedies | Microlife S2 | 100ml


  • Microlife-s2 contains liquid denitrifying bacteria nitrosomonos and nitrobacter bacteria

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Micro life s2 100ml beneficial bacteria for fresh and marine aquarium. Micro life s2 200ml beneficial bacteria for fresh and marine aquarium. Use once a week features – 1. Highest concentration of stable purified liquid bacterial spores and excellent extra cellular enzyme production. Faster effect and more effective. 2. Using innovative technology preserving live bacteria in liquid form. Bacteria will be activated only after releasing into the water. These live bacteria are in their hibernating stage during the storage period. 3. Do not need any special storage environment. Just place them under cool area will do. It is that simple and convenient. 4. Special de-nitrification microlife-s2 bacteria. (Convert the toxic ammonia to nitrite, nitrite to nitrate, nitrate to nitrogen gas). Break down large complex organic compounds quickly and effectively (sludge). 5. Control odours while reducing the COD and BOD Not only aerobic and anaerobic but also facultative growth capabilities. Extended shelf live, guarantee high bacterial counts. Non pathogenic, environmentally safe 6. Solve green water and algae problem and help to prevent fish disease. 8. Effective ph range – 5. 0 – 9. 5. Effective temperature range – 5degc – 50degc (40degf -120degf). Note – to be used in freshwater systems only and not to be used with invertebrates and scale less fish. Dosage – 10 ml/100 litre.

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