Aquatic Remedies | Aquaria Clear | 120ml

Aquatic Remedies | Aquaria Clear | 120ml


  • USAGE: Controls green water, Clears cloudy water, Fish and invertebrate safe. Binds turbidity, Easy to use.
  • Aquaria Clear: For pure aquarium water. Blue green liquid. Quick effect. Super concentrated.
  • Calculate the volume of the water to treated (tank length cm x water volume in liter)
  • Dosage: 10Ml Treats 100 Litre.
  • Not Harmful To Fish And Aquarium Plants

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Aquaria Clear Controls and removes algae keeps your aquarium water clear Enables aquarium water to clear almost immediately Dosage: 10ml treats 400 litre Direct to use: 1.Calculate the volume of the water to treated (tank length cm x water volume in liter) 2. Measure the correct volume of water clear by measuring cap as per dosages. Aquaria clear – a special formula that all turbidity in freashwater aquariums and ponds. It helps with the prevention of algae and the aquarium water crystal clear. Not harmful to fish and aquarium plants. A slight blue color shading will appear. Keep out of reach of children assistance immediately if over dose. Store at a room in cold place.

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